Enfield - A Fairtrade Borough

 Enfield was declared a Fairtrade Borough on September 22nd, 2008.

At that time the Fairtrade Foundation's website listed 377 other Fairtrade Towns, Cities, Boroughs, Villages, Zones, Islands and Counties within the UK, and already (July 2011) the total is over 500, while the worldwide figure recently passed 1000, with Fairtrade Towns now on every continent except Antarctica (where there aren't any Towns!)

Now that accreditation has been achieved, our aim is to maintain it, and of course to continue to promote the sale of fairly-traded products within the Borough. The campaign has also been part of the successful effort to have London declared a Fairtrade City.

October 2014: Our Fairtrade Borough status has just been renewed (see Photo Gallery for picture of the presentation)

Enfield - a Fairtrade Borough!
A Fairtrade banana grower (picture courtesy of the Fairtrade Foundation)